Let’s Get Real: Patients Must be Partners

WATCH THE RECORDING (Original broadcast date: October 10, 2019)

In times of transformation in health care, often the people who understand their issues the most are left out of the conversation. Health care needs to evolve and embrace patients and families as partners in the journey for change. When those with lived experience expertise authentically partner with the expertise of providers, policy makers and researchers, safer and more inclusive care can happen.

Join patient partners and thought leaders in an engaging panel discussion on the value of patient and family partnerships. Learn first-hand about what works well for partnering with patients and families, what doesn’t and tips for collaborating on your system transformation and organizational quality improvement initiatives. This webinar features panelists who have a range of collaboration experience, including at organizational, health system and policy maker levels.

Attendees will learn:

• How to plan, design and maintain authentic patient partnerships that result in meaningful change
• The value of building patient and family partners to quality improvement teams
• What has worked and what hasn’t from patient and family advisors on their journey to partnering with health and policy maker organizations
• Innovative examples of how patient partnerships are pushing boundaries and bringing real value to the table


• Heather Thiessen, Patient Partner with Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), Patient Lead with HSO in partnership with Hélène Campbell, Panelist
• Julie Drury, Strategic Lead - Patient Partnership, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Innovation, Panelist
• Leslee J. Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Accreditation Canada and Health Standards Organization, Panelist
• Hélène Campbell, Patient Lead with Health Standards Organization, Moderator

Learn more about Health Standards Organization at healthstandards.org
Learn more about Accreditation Canada at accreditation.ca

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